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12 Amazing Apps to Customize Your iPhone Home Screen Design

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Did you know you can personalize your iPhone’s Home Screen with widgets and custom app icons? So what is your aesthetic of choice—pastel tones, minimalist, or cartoon hand-drawings? You can find an app for any of them.

Let’s take a look at the best iPhone apps to customize your Home Screen theme and find your ideal style. Although most of them have subscription models and in-app purchases, there are still free iPhone themes you can download.

We’ll explore the range of themes they offer and talk about some additional features you can expect from the apps.

With more than 400,000 ratings on the App Store, Widgetsmith is an extremely popular app for custom Home Screen icons. It’s one of the best iPhone theme apps out there. You don’t need to worry about being a tech expert to start letting your creativity loose because Widgetsmith has a very user-friendly interface.

The app gives you great control over how you want to personalize your Home Screen. With a large collection of widgets and customizable templates, you’re sure to build your desired Home Screen look. You can create your own gradient wallpaper, too.

The widgets can also be scheduled to show up on your Home Screen based on rules you set. You can learn more with our full guide on how to use Widgetsmith.

Download:Widgetsmith (Free, subscription available)

Enjoyed by over 30 million users, the majority of themes at Color Widgets showcase flat designs and minimalist icons, helping you feel put-together, yet tastefully trendy with your iPhone. The main theme categories include Minimal, Neutral, and Gradient, but there are also more unique options like Gaming, Anime, and Pride.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your Home Screen, Color Widgets has a wide selection of stunning pre-made widgets for you. Explore exciting options such as Countdown, Quotes, and more to customize your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Download:Color Widgets (Free, subscription available)

10. Brass

The Brass app is very popular, hitting the number one spot in the App Store’s Graphics and Design category across 36 countries. Brass has hundreds of themes, such as Nature, Neon, and Anime, available for you to pick. You can find seasonal themes like fall and winter as well as festive ones like Christmas, too. Most of them are free iPhone themes.

For useful iPhone widgets, like Weather and Calendar, the app also offers transparent options—you simply need to provide the Brass app with a screenshot of your empty Home Screen so the widget’s background can blend in seamlessly.

Download:Brass (Free, subscription available)

9. ScreenKit

ScreenKit is another well-received iPhone theme app. It boasts more than 5,000 icons, 500 themes, and plenty of widgets, enabling you to customize your iPhone’s Home Screen with widgets and app icons effectively.

When you first launch ScreenKit, the app prompts you to choose your preferred styles and interests. It will then give you a personalized list of themes based on your chosen options. You’ll find a mix of paid and free iPhone themes.

ScreenKit offers classic aesthetic themes such as Minimalist, Pastel, and Solid Color. However, you’ll also find special options like Kawaii Anime and Harry Potter, if you’re a fan of these shows and books.

Download:ScreenKit (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Aesthetic Kit

As one of the best apps out there to find iPhone themes, Aesthetic Kit’s cool themes include Neon, Retro, Music, and many more. You can check out themes created by other Aesthetic Kit users and vote for your favorites as well. If nothing really strikes your fancy, you can start with a blank canvas, make your own iPhone theme for free, and if you want, go on to share it with the rest of the world.

Besides themes and widgets, the app offers aesthetic keyboard styles for you, adding yet another special touch when you want to use an app to customize your iPhone style. You can also get unique fonts and kaomoji from the app to complete your look.

Download:Aesthetic Kit (Free, subscription available)

Photo Widget is the perfect combination of simplicity and cuteness. Tired of seeing the same color themes over and over? Make sure to explore these whimsical cartoons and inject fun, child-like imagination back into your daily life.

Photo Widget offers a mix of paid and free iPhone themes. A casual browse through Photo Widget’s list of themes and you’ll see the eyes of adorable animal characters looking back at you.

They’re certain to warm your heart every time you unlock your iPhone, putting you in a good mood every time you see your Home Screen, making Photo Widget the best app to find iPhone themes for those who love the developer’s unique designs.

Download:Photo Widget (Free, subscription available)

6. Themify

Themify offers custom iPhone themes that range from soft tones to those that give a modern twist to your Home Screen. From popular pastel shades to paintings, you’re sure to find a theme that fits your style. If you don’t wish to replace your entire Home Screen look, you can opt to download the icon packs only.

Besides themes and widgets, you can also get beautiful live wallpapers and stills from Themify. The app offers Ultra HD choices, which are an additional satisfying visual to have on your Lock Screen.

Download:Themify (Free, subscription available)

If you love the originality of user-generated content, you’ll love what Widgy Widgets has to offer. There’s a large selection of widgets for you to delve into. When you tap on one that catches your eye, a brief summary provides you with the widget’s author name and the time spent editing the widget along with additional data and layers used to create the widget.

Learning about the effort that was put into a widget makes the decision for what to put on your iPhone’s Home Screen much more personal. If a particular individual’s designs appeal to you, you can simply tap the More By This Uploader button to explore the other widgets they have created.

Download:Widgy Widgets (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Themes

The Themes app offers the usual categories of themes like Minimalist, Cartoon, and Nature. But you’ll also come across more unique ones that aren’t available in some other apps in this list, such as Architecture, Subjects, and Cyberpunk.

If you don’t want to overhaul your entire iPhone’s Home Screen, you can opt to download a theme’s custom icon pack, widgets, and wallpapers separately.

Download:Themes (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. App Icons

App Icons is a straightforward, easy-to-use app for a quick Home Screen change. From nature-inspired styles to minimalist black-and-white options, scroll along the app’s horizontal belt of themes to find one that is ready to install. You get some of the iPhone themes for free, while others need to be purchased.

The app also has a selection of Live Wallpapers, sorted into categories such as Water, Cities, Fire, and Landscapes. For more wallpaper options, you can check out these great places to get iPhone wallpapers.

Download:App Icons (Free, subscription available)

2. Icon Themer

Icon Themer’s curation of themes includes mostly festive-related stylistic hand drawings and solid color shades. Most of them give a sweet, calm vibe. It has fewer theme options than popular apps like Brass or ScreenKit. However, if you hate filtering through an avalanche of striking color themes just to find that one simple, clean-looking design, then Icon Themer is a good app for you.

The app offers both paid and free iPhone themes. But if you aren’t quite satisfied with the ready-made ones, it also has a large collection of icons for you to create your own.

Download:Icon Themer (Free, subscription available)

Like Icon Themer, the appeal of WidgetBox is that it doesn’t overwhelm you with endless choices. The app offers around 10 classic themes, such as Dark, White, Retro, and monochromatic options, like Yellow. You can also create your own widgets.

The designs offered are clean and simple, so they should match any iPhone wallpaper you have easily. You can also get custom keyboards and change your iPhone charging animation using WidgetBox.

Download:WidgetBox (Free, subscription available)

Customize Your iPhone’s Home Screen With Ease

Whether you’re looking for widgets, app icons, or a full theme makeover, these iPhone customization apps are a fun way to showcase your personality on your Home Screen. With so many high-quality apps to choose from, you’re sure to find a free iPhone theme that suits your style.

Excluding Widgetsmith, which allows lots of customization options, the other apps listed here generally offer an easy, one-tap installation process. You simply need to choose the theme you want and check that the app icons match accordingly.


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